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Founded in Istanbul in 2000 with the understanding of happy and satisfied customers, Stoper Industrial, with its experience gained over the years, for the construction and industry sectors; Elevator products, architectural system accessories, mobile sunshade systems and project-specific products in line with customer requests.

Increased production capacity in a short time and "spontaneously" as it is both worn and produced. It can provide wearable services such as appropriate material selection, cost-effectiveness and manufacturability to its customers. With its wide machine park, all kinds of products can be produced.

Shutter Systems

Manual Sliding Folding Shutter Sysyems

Güneş Kırıcı Sistemler

Motorizing Retractable

Güneş Kırıcı Sistemler

Motorizing Turning Retractable

Güneş Kırıcı Sistemler

Motorizing Sliding Folding Shutter Systems

Güneş Kırıcı Sistemler

Motorizing 360° Turning Shutter Systems

Güneş Kırıcı Sistemler

Motorizing Upside Folding

Tanıtım Videomuz

At the end of endeavors which it maintains with the mission of correct price and quick delivery, Stoper Industrial sets up with the principle of production in accordance with international quality and standards exporting it's products to the leading economies of the world, such as England, Costa Rica, China, Greece, France, Canada, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Romania, Russia and Germany.

In 2014, Stoper Industrial added the production and application of Solar Shading Systems, also known as movable facades, to its activities, and offered solutions in the production and implementation of architectural exterior projects with its well-equipped R&D and technical office staff.

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    Şeyhli Mahallesi Kiram Sokak No:15 , P.K. 34906 Pendik – İstanbul – Türkiye

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    Phone   : +90 216 379 77 14
    Phone   : +90 216 598 23 89
    Project consultant : +90 538 931 35 31

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    Faks  :  +90 216 598 18 36

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